I have been involved with KAYAKS from its inception. I am a South Tyneside Councillor and former Mayor of South Tyneside. I have many years of experience in local government, and I am also on the Board of many charitable organisations including Cancer Connections and the Mission to Sea Farers to name just two. I recognised a need in our area for a group like KAYAKS and for the many children with special needs and disabilities to have a safe and welcoming environment to be able to be themselves without judgement. I have always supported every aspect of this wonderful group and will continue to do so. By becoming Trustee to KAYAKS I have been able to have a more in-depth involvement than previous years and look forward to working closely with them in the future.

Alison is our chair, she is passionate about all KAYAKS stands for and would like to see KAYAKS with their own premises. Alison is a mental health first aider.
Richard is the lead on activities, he is a qualified youth worker and wants to see KAYAKS members enjoying the outdoors. Richard is an outdoor and indoor first aider.
Mal is the outreach lead and one of the founders of KAYAKS. He is passionate about his role.
Jill is KAYAKS treasurer and also a founder of KAYAKS. Jill is passionate about her role. Jill is a mental health, outdoor and indoor first aider.